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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 24, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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now. a strong earthquake with powerful aftershocks has rescuers scrambling in a frantic search for survivors. a live report just ahead. and a major military offensive including military backed forces to clear isis militants from a syrian border town. >> north korea launches a missile into japanese waters. donald trump is softening his stance on immigration while hillary clinton faces% criticism over curious state department meetings. "early today" starts right now. good morning, herb and thanks for joining us today. a 6.2 magnitude earthquake has rocked central italy. the tremors outside of norcia could be felt hundreds of miles away in rome.
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it buried residents under rubble as they sleet. but officials warn the death toll is expected to rise. local media reporting 37 deaths. >> reporter: good morning. as you said search teams now reaching more of these remote areas and the number of dead is rising as they get to these villages completely destroyed by this earthquake. the earthquake hit in the middle of the night, the worse possible time, 3:36 local time as people were sleeping. a magnitude 6.2. it was shallow and felt across the regions of umbria and lamarca and as far as rome.
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about 80 miles north of rome was hit the hardest. the mayor saying the town simply isn't there any more. instead of stone buildings, just pile of wood and stone and rescuers using heavy machinery and digging through the rubble trying to reach some of the people who have been buried in the middle of the night. they are pulling out survivors. people were stunned and afraid of after shocks are huddling in town squares. 39 after shocks so far, some quite strong. residents themselves grabbing shovels, starting to dig, some with bare hands trying to free their neighbors. a woman and her dog were pulled alive in one town. some villages in national parks, italy's forestry police involved. alpine troops. it's a very remote area and difficult to reach.
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so remote, in fact, rome has requested satellite images to see how widespread the damage is. >> 49 states down and one more to go. zika virus is reported in north dakota, leaving wyoming the only psych free state in the united states. a third outbreak popped up in pinellas county. while officials work to figure out how a local transmission could have spread that far florida's governor says he's not declaring a new zika zone there just yet. >> just because we have one case here doesn't mean we have local transmission. >> health officials say a serious epidemic is not expected in the u.s. but with 42 people now affected in florida's outbreak health officials are ramping up their warnings for pregnant women. a new study, a baby affected with zika in brazil shows just how destructive the virus is to the brain.
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some health experts say the images show the worst brain infections that doctors will ever see and that even babies born with normal size heads may have serious developmental problems. >> donald trump is turning heads this morning after his abrupt about-face on immigration. >> any part of the law that you might be able to change that would accommodate those who have been law abiding, would there be any room in your mind because i know you had a meeting this week with hispanic leaders. >> i did. great hispanic leaders and there certainly can be a softening because we're not looking to hurt people. we want people. we have some great people in this country. we have some great, great people in this country. >> that softening comment came shortly before trump's son said this regarding his father's proposed deportation force. >> does that mean that mass
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deportation of the estimated 11 to 12, 15 million illegal is off the table? >> does it mean it's off the table? i don't know, you know, i don't know the exact details of it in terms of that but he's always going to do something humanely. he's a good guy. >> this came the same day trump took this hard-line about the mexican border before an enthusiastic texas crowd. >> we must address one of the most vital issues of all. border security. we are going to build the wall. and who is going to pay for the wall? >> after getting a quick hair cut on the trail, vp mike pence told cbs the campaign's immigration plan specifically deportation will be quote, worked out in the days ahead. and nbc is now reporting that trump will meet with african
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american and hispanic activists at his trump tower headquarters tomorrow, the very same day he was scheduled to hold a major immigration speech in denver. the meeting is to expand his base beyond his white voter support. african-american support stands at 8% in our survey monkey poll. 22% of hispanic support in the same survey. meanwhile hillary clinton is embroiled in controversy. a new report has clinton on the defense and republicans pouncing. new details reveal the extent to which she provided access to clinton foundation donors while serving as secretary of state. more than half of people outside of government gave money to the clinton foundation. donald trump is bashing clinton for that report. >> the specific crimes committed to carry out that enterprise are too numerous to cover in this speech. this is corruption.
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and this is why i have called for a special prosecutor to look into this mess. justice is supposed to be blind. it's never supposed to be for sale. >> mike pence said the new details were further evidence of the pay to play politics that clinton's state department but the clinton camp is fighting back saying the story relies on flawed data, it cherry picked a limited subset of clinton's schedule. the foundation faces more scrutiny but for her high dollar fund raisers like she held in the afternoon at justin timberlake's house. she's getting bashed with her aversion to the press. according to the washington
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post, the number stood at 263 days. donald trump holds rallies in mississippi. mike pence tours through north carolina. hillary clinton is expected to remain off the trail for another day focusing on fund raising out west. >> new details about a submarine launch missile fired by north korea. t the ballistic missile splashed in the sea of japan. it did not pose a specific threat to the u.s. but raises concerns with japan's prime minister calling it an unforgivable reckless act. this is north korea's third missile launch this year and a direct violation against u.n. security council resolutions. turkey's media reports turkish tanks crossed into syria
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as part of an anti-isis operation. the goal to clear isis extremists along the turkey-syria border. it comes as vice president joe biden arrives in ankara become being the highest ranking official to visit turkey since the attempted coup. turkish and u.s. coalition war planes have carried out four air strikes on the town so far. turkey's special forces have entered syria as part of the mission. in china an investigation is under way into the cause of a massive sinkhole. surveillance video shows the plaza suddenly give way swallowing up two people and two motorcycles. police and good samaritans helped people out of the hole which grew to 30 feet long and ten feet deep. they are being treated for serious injuries. still no word on what caused that massive sinkhole.
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just ahead why is the federal government trying to keep you from swimming with dolphins? first, bill karins has the latest on a tropical wave threatening florida. >> it may not be just florida, have to add in the gulf of mexico. it's approaching puerto rico and the virgin islands. 70% chance it develops into a named tropical cyclone in the next five days. this is the formation towards the bahamas and miami. our computer models is taking it to florida and gulf of mexico. that's temperatures in the 90s in most locations. cooler at the coast. that's what's ahead for today "early today," back in two. ly t, tomorrow is not a given.
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>> check out this atorable video. it shows a 16-year-old cat that adopted a baby squirrel monkey. she was abandoned by her mother at a russian zoo. thankfully, the cat came to the rescue and zoo officials say they will stay together for another month. a prosed ban on swimming with dolphins in hawaii has the tourism industry very krnd. spinner dolphins are being deprived of rest during the day and becoming stressed out. scientists are fearful it will harm their ability to reproduce. clean up is still under way in louisiana this morning a day after president obama visited the flood ravaged state.
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standing in tons of debris along baton rouge residents, the president urged home owners to rally around the commune in need and referenced the timing of his visit. >> sometimes once the floodwaters pass people's attention spans pass. this is not a one off. this is not a photo op issue. this is how do you make sure a month from now, three months from now, six months from now people still are getting the help they need. >> fast forwarding today classes begin at the university of texas at austin. students are now permitted to carry concealed hand guns in classrooms after state's campus carry laws went into effect august 1st. today is national waffle day. score freebies and discounts at many restaurants. later on today jeff rossen goes nund cover to find out if couples are being called
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the nasdaq and s&p 500 both closed just beneath their all time high to the ball. but the shocker came when patrick reed brought the session to a close.
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ceremonial gavel popped up as you see right there. he tweeted they told me to give it three good hits and i did. an electric car that is so fast has a ludicrous mode. >> reporter: two new souped up versions of the model s sedan and suv they now feature 100 kilo battery that can go up to 315 miles on a single charge. musk says tesla will offer the fastest car in the world claiming the new car can go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds. samsung says demand is out pacing supply for its galaxy phone. it went on sale last friday. samsung is trying to increase production of the secret location where it's made. analysts says samsung could sell as many 15 million phones just this year. now you can pay for anything with just a wave of your hand
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so accurately without, you know, examining her. after all, rudy giuliani and donald trump are experts on female aanatomy. look at this actual video the two made. >> you look really wonderful. a woman like you has to have a special scent. >> oh, thank you. maybe you can tell me about this scent. >> oh, oh, donald i thought you were a gentleman. >> you cannot see this but this campaign season is getting a lot of material. >> did you see his hair >> very interesting. former miss universe gained her u.s. citizenship and said it's just in time to vote against donald trump. she claims trump bullied her after she won the crown in 1996.
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she was 19 at the time and trump called her miss piggy and miss house keeping. he personally escorted her to the gym telling howard stern saying she was an eating machine. she said the public humiliation she suffered led to years eat disorders. she said she will be supporting hillary clinton. miss house keeping and miss piggy can vote. interesting twist. >> you don't think the clinton campaign would take advantage of that. >> she said thank you. >> let's play game. forbes are out with their list of highest paid actresses. one made $46 million last year. guess which one >> jennifer lawrence. >> she got the $46 million. second place, melissa mccarthy, 33 million. "ghostbusters". and scarlet johansson 25.
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breaking overnight, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake has struck a large swath of central italy. the death toll rising to 38 people. the tremors first recorded outside the town of norcia could be felt in rome. the death toll will likely rise. as many as 70 people remain about youried in the ruins. rescue operations are under way, residents jumped in to help using shovels and their bare hands to pull survivors out. an investigation is underway in indianapolis after a metro police officer mistakenly shot a homeowner after a 911 call. carl williams called 911 after his wife was robbed at gunpoint in their driveway early tuesday morning. when the officer arrived at the scene williams approached him. that is when officer mills shot him once in the stomach.
4:27 am
williams was armed for protection when police arrived but didn't tell dispatchers that he had a gun and both the alleged robber and homeowner are both black. no exchange can be heard on that 911 call and officials say it is unclear if officer mills gave a verbal command. he has been placed on standard administrative leave pending the investigation. williams is in surgery but is expected to survive. a man hunt is underway for two people suspected in the kidnapping of three young children. detectives are seeking the public's help to find joshua robertson and britany humphrey. they were last seen with the three siblings and they're also wanted in the questioning of their mother found dead alongside a road in los angeles. authorities are asking anyone who sees these three children to call local law enforcement or homicide investigators immediately. well, the driver in boston may have taken his eye off the road at the wrong time. when the driver of a cadillac
4:28 am
was cruising through the ted williams tunnel, look at that, crashed into an arrow board blocking the center lanes sending the sign flying to the left-hand lane and causing one major traffic headache. the 60-year-old driver suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital. and you know it's been over a year since doctors performed a medical miracle on this young boy. he lost his arms and legs to a life threatening infection when he was two years old. he made history when he became the first child to receive a double hand plants at the children's hospital of philadelphia. since then he successfully taught his brain to reconnect with his new hands. you can catch the 8-year-old later this morning live on the "today" show. thank you for watching "early today". have a great day and we'll see you back here tomorrow. you back.
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the death toll continues to rise after a major earthquake strikes central italy. you're looking at live pictures as the race is now on to dig survivors out of the rubble in hard hit towns. more breaking news. back home, a shooting in daly city overnight leaves one man injured. we're there live. plus, an emergency plan san jose city leader says they know what to do for the shortage of police officers patrolling the streets. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> a very good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we do have a lot of news to get to. we start this morning with a quick check of weather. and rob, a little bit of a warmup


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